Sruthiranjani Institute of Carnatic Music


Sruthiranajani Institute of Carnatic Music (SICM) was started in the year 2014 by Smt. Krishnapriya Tangirala, with the objective of spreading more awareness on Carnatic music by teaching a finite number of students who are aspiring to gain a practical knowledge.

Currently multiple students from various part of the globe are attending classes to get trained at various levels.

In addition to the classes, the institute also runs the initiative to conduct multiple online events for various occasions. Typically, the participants in these events are either students of the institute or guest singers of various level of experiences and hold a great passion for Carnatic music

About Krishnapriya

KrishnaPriya Tangirala has started learning music at a very young age of 5 yrs. Being born in a family of Carnatic music professionals, she has received most of her training from her mother (Kundurthi Revathi), her grandfather (Kundurthi Chalapati) and her aunt (Kundurthi Subbalakshmi).

Though an MCA, she continued her passion for music and has earned a Diploma in Carnatic Music from Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University.