An appeal to Students & Parents

encourage every student to participate and request their family members to provide the required support in this annual event. I request everyone to make the best attempt to adhere to the following event guidelines to make it successful


  1. Connect to the event at least 10 minutes prior to the schedule

  2. Make sure that the display name of logged in user is recognizable

  3. Be patient in lobby until admitted / allowed

  4. Stay on mute unless you are the performer

  5. Keep your video ON throughout the program

  6. Performers should arrange for their own Shruti box/app, instruments, karoake etc.. and be prepared to start on announcement

  7. Performer should create a convenient ambience and ensure a working device & a good Internet connection to perform

  8. Stay connected throughout the event as a sign of motivation until the last participant


  1. Do not set backgrounds that can distract other performers

  2. Do not initiate recording. We will initiate and share the recording after the event

  3. Performers do not need to introduce themselves as they will already be announced by the meeting organizer

  4. Do not take breaks in between. The schedule includes a 10 minute break after every 50-60 minutes

Please check the Event Schedule for an approximate schedule of events.
Looking forward for wonderful support from all of you to make this event successful.