Swararchana 2021


Sruthiranjani Institute for Carnatic Music (SICM)

About Swararchana

Tyagaraja, also known as Tyagayya, was a renowned composer of Carnatic music in early 19th century. His influence in the development of Carnatic music was prolific. He composed thousands of devotional compositions, most in Telugu and in praise of Lord Rama, many of which remain popular today. Amongst them five of his special compositions called the Pancharatna Kritis are often sung in programs in his honor.

Tyagaraja died on Pushya Bahula Panchami day, 6 January 1847, at the age of 79. In honor of this great saint, Thyagaraja Aradhanotsavas are conducted throughout every year in the month that he died. i.e. Pushya masam

In a pursuit to start this tradition with my students, I am starting an annual program, Swararchana, where my students can pay their respect to the great saint by singing something significant that they have learnt till date. The event will be held on Sunday, 31st January from 4:00 pm to 7:15 pm IST.

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The first day of the event was graced by Kundurthy siblings - Smt. Revathi Thripuraribhotla, Vidwan Sri. Srinivasa Murthy Kundurthy, Smt. Subbalakshmi Kundurthy and their students Smt. KrishnaPriya Tangirala & Smt. Mani Deepthi.

Smt. Revathi started the program with a Ganapathi prarthana - Giriraja sutha composed in Bangala raagam. Subsequently, each of the singers honored Saint Thyagaraja with a Pancharatna Krithi each.

Second day of the event saw an active participation from the students of the institute. Our guest singers also joined to inspire the students with their performance.

After a welcome note, Smt. Revathi started the program started with a Thyagaraja krithi, Manasa Etulorthune composed in Malaya Marutha ragam, to invite Lord Rama into the thoughts. It was then followed by a recital of the swaras by the young students.

First hour of the program ended with a krithi in Atana ragam from Smt. Subbalakshmi

Second hour of the program started with the students singing geethams.

It was then followed by Vidwan Sri. Srinivas Murthy immersing the audience in the thoughts of Hari bhakti by singing the Thyagaraja krithi - Narada muni vedaliga composed in Pantu Varali raagam and set the stage for the students to sing a series of krithis

In the last hour of the event, students continued singing the krithis in honor of the great Saint. Our guest singers, Smt. Mani Deepthi, Smt. Vaishnavi and the founder of the institute, Smt. Krishnapriya also joined to sing Thyagaraja krithis.

The event ended with a mangalam from Smt. Revathi